When I began to understand the importance of time organization

Projects and ideas arise in the vast majority of needs or by the desire to change something or a situation. More important than taking the first step, is having the ability and motivation to accomplish them daily, all in your time.

In my case it was by the side of necessity, my son was born and I did not know what to do, clients, projects, diapers, deadlines, meetings, family attention, finally the life of an entrepreneur is often somewhat troubled personal and professional together, not that it had to be, but in my case it was.

This rhythm resulted in a number of health problems. I was blind and could not see the most obvious thing of all to be able to get out of the routine that I was and caused so much fatigue and prostration. And I could not procrastinate, could not put off, my son was there and I had a purpose in this life.

On the verge of a nervous syncope, I was forced to pause, but as any creative entrepreneur could not get me out of the situation, I needed to find a solution.

Neste momento gerenciar tempo e ter qualidade de vida se tornaram minhas prioridades absolutas, caso contrario a vida do meu filho passaria diante dos meus olhos, e quando eu encontrasse tempo para ele, seria tarde demais.

At this moment managing time and quality of life became my absolute priorities, otherwise, my son’s life would pass before my eyes, and when I found time for him, it would be too late.

Managing time and quality of life has become my absolute priorities.

I noticed several things, but one, the simplest of them all stood out. It was not the volume of things I had to do, but the way I executed them that was the problem.

I have found that the expectation generated for realizing our ideas is one of the most frustrating things that can exist in our lives, but more frustrating still is not trying and getting the feeling that we could have done something great that maybe would bring the realization that would change the world or at least your world.

We create in our head a simple and quick form of task lists of our daily life, which is nothing more than receiving information, assessing if it is relevant and if so, put it into a mental “basket”. Some people have the ability to reasoning and evaluate, and even can set priority on this information and reorder it inside their mind, but let’s face it, perhaps this is not the most common of the vast majority of us.

We usually think that having a place to record what needs to be done, be it a piece of paper, a calendar or an app is enough to organize our day by day but more important than just registering is to plan what needs to be done, identify the importance and the size of the result that the task that we have to do, this makes us establish the priority of execution in front of the other activities that we have to do.

I started by organizing everything I had to do and that was my responsibility, I got a panoramic view of the situation, so I thought that my years of experience working to identify improvement in my client’s processes had not been applied to my own reality.

I put into practice what I identified as good and productive in the methods I had experience, did some A/B tests, validated situations for a while, which I called “beta period”, until I could actually identify a simple, safe and fast way to keep control of my days or better, of my life.

After this, a draw a sample flow that helps in achievement of my tasks till today, and this is why I would like to share with you. If you want to learn more about it I baptized this method as Fast Task Management aka FTM.

Hope you enjoy it.

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