What goes around comes around, a quick trip to support our local community

The WordCamp São Paulo is the biggest WordCamp in Brazil, not only because São Paulo is one of the biggest cities of the World, but because they have a huge and engaged community.

It’s good to talk in our local country even better in our native language to our local people. 😎 This participations are like that really quickly, I depart from the south of Brazil to São Paulo early in the morning, 5 am to be more exact, it’s was a 1-hour flight duration, when we blink our yeas we already landed.

I got the venue, in the beginning, of the registration, and my talk was the last one of the day, this time I presented the Publish a Post Screaming with a huge responsibility to make the audience scream as loud as they can to reach the number of decibels that we set as a goal, gladly they reach a substantial number, you can see the results here.

The conference was really cool, I had the opportunity to review some old friends and make some new ones. The talks are very good as well, with a great variety of topics, from development to business, everything connected to the WordPress ecosystem.

Posted by Donini

WordPress Developer very involved with the community.