I have no time

“I do not have time” has become the most common jargon these days. Stop in a quick conversation with friends and soon someone says:

— “It seems like every year everything happens faster.”

— “Looks like I do not have time for anything else.”

The vast majority of us get tired of saying we do not have time for various things. And it’s real, with the troubled life we’re living in today, it seems like we never have time to remaining.

But I want to tell you that I do not believe in this, for me, and for my experience, all this is just a lack of planning and prioritization of our activities.

The big truth is that we all have the same 24 hours a day to do what we want. To say that we do not have time annihilates our productivity and the number of things we do. What many still do not understand is that our lives are directly linked to the way we manage our available time. That is why the day of some seems to yield more than that of others.

I believe that our life is made up of plans, however basic they may be in some moments.

Many of us prioritize activities based on satisfaction and nourishment for the unconscious ego that claims for well being. Our brain feeds on this sensation and creates blockages so we can understand what is important and brings results versus our satisfaction.

Look back and see, if you really want something, you’ll always be able to find a “break” to do that.

For this reason, we must be clear that what needs to be done and at this point begins the paradigm break for some. To say that we have no time is a great fallacy from our real productive capacity. Each one knows its limit and I affirm that each one needs to know and bear in mind that he can overcome it.

The fact is that we will always have things to do, whether at home, washing dishes, clothes or work, reports, deadlines, charges and various deliveries.

So let’s think together, our effort must always be focused on time optimization, right? How to optimize time without planning what needs to be done within this time?

Note, from the time you wake up to bedtime you already have a plan of your day, however implicit it may be and without planning it is a forged plan in your routine habits.

Why not include in your routine clear lists of what you have to do, revise them constantly to prioritize what needs to be done.

Start your day by focusing on the hardest tasks, and feel rewarded as soon as you complete them.

RD – April/2016

Understand that planning should mean better understanding what has to be done and not as something bureaucratic, anticipating situations (plan) can bring several benefits in its execution, but without the doubt, the main thing will be time.

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